Undecided? All the Strategies Fail

It’s extremely difficult to get things done this day and age, especially when we’re talking about getting new, additional things done. Life’s packed to the gill already, isn’t it? How could you ever add to it with new hobbies, activities, and responsibilities?

Just yesterday a friend of mine asked me about strategies to take on fitness for the first time amongst his other full time jobs. Luckily for me I’ve got Tim Ferriss, a billion life hacks I can google, and half a dozen apps to optimize our lives, right? I could have shared anyone of these things with him, but I didn’t. I didn’t because, though they could help, they miss the essential point. They miss the single defining characteristic of what makes or breaks the deal.

The only way is to do this is to DECIDE it to be so.

Until you decide that things are going to be another way, you’re left with an opt-in or an opt-out scenario everyday. If I had to opt-in to training everyday, I’d choose a million things in it’s place more often than note. It’s not sustainable. It can’t be successful.

When the new thing you’re attempting to add to your life is a better diet, a new workout regime, or a mindfulness practice, this undecided strategy is a recipe for disaster. No number of apps, life hacks, or T. Ferriss podcasts can ninja yourself to thinking your new diet is better/ easier/ more enjoyable than your default plan over the long haul. In that case, you’re undecided and doomed for failure.

Decide it to be so. Until then, let’s not pretend this is going to be a thing. I can see into the future on this one and let me tell you: It doesn’t work out.


Logan Gelbrich



5/6/16 WOD

9×3 Bench Press


Complete 5 rounds for quality of:

10 Ring Rows

25 Face Pulls


Then, complete the following for time:

500m Row