Help Us Jam to the Standard

Statistically speaking, the number of times we’ve played tracks by recording artist Pitbull proves that, though we may be good at coaching the front squat, we aren’t renown DJs. We’re in luck, however, because we A) have friends in all of you with good taste and B) are the beneficiaries of technology.

We’re asking all of you to share your musical prowess with us. Make a great playlist and you might find yourself doing thrusters to your own soundtrack.

How do you do it? Build a playlist on Spotify and share it with our account. If you already have playlists made, we won’t be the wiser so you can send one of those, too.

Rock on.


Logan Gelbrich


4/13/16 WOD


Pause Back Squat



Complete 4 rounds for total time of:

400m Run

-Rest 2 min-