An Every Day Person

The problem with real life is that it’s boring. The everyday-ness of it is monotonous and, even in the most captivating people’s lives, under-whelmingly regular. Before you get defensive and tell me that this is “only true if you live that way” and “life’s what you make it,” keep in mind that even James Bond has errands and poorly plated homemade breakfasts.

Plain and simple, we enjoy the idea of occasions. Big events are captivating. Life is simply more remarkable when you’re dressed up, it’s Friday night lights, or you’re on a big trip, but that’s not life.

Life happens every single day. Furthermore, if you look at it right, this every-day-ness is in and of itself life’s most remarkable challenge.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, can put on their Sunday best for those big rare moments. Virtually anyone can relish in a congratulatory moment. Very few, however, can be incredible people every damn day.

It’s hard work, but it’s who you are. Own the mundane moments in life. They are, in fact, more you that the big occasions.


Logan Gelbrich


10/6/15 WOD


Pause Back Squat



Complete the following for reps:

2 Min Max Pushups

-Rest 2 Min-

2 Min Max Situps

-Rest 2 min-

2 Min Max Squats