Rewrite Your Future

The first thing we ask prospective students during their FREE “Intro Session” is what things about their health and fitness that they don’t like or that needs improvement. The second question is to name the things or habits that seem to get in their way of improving. Lastly, we ask these students to paint a picture of their life in their ideal fitness state.

Though the third question is my favorite to ask, the most important question is, in fact, the second question. As a coach, I know that when men and women address the habits that historically get in their own way they give themselves a chance to break through.

Humans are creatures of habit. If wavering accountability, placing blame on others, or anything else has historically impeded one’s fitness effort in the past, you can bet these issues will show their face again.

What are the things that tend to get in your way? Is it scheduling? Is it accountability? Is it justification of excuses?

Put your focus here and you might just have a chance to avoid history rewriting itself.


Logan Gelbrich


4/28/15 WOD

12×2 Box Speed Squats

8×1 Rack Pulls

30 DB Snatches (50/30)
15 Toes to Bar