7 Things Intermediate Athletes Forget

Advancing from “beginner” to “intermediate” in your fitness is an obvious example of progress. I’d argue, however, that becoming an intermediate athlete is most beneficial when one does so with the perspective that will allow for this athlete to one day become advanced. The intermediate stage can become an endless purgatory.

Here are seven key things intermediate athletes often forget that may prevent them from ever becoming advanced:

1. “I’m not here to show off. I’m here to learn.”

2. More training isn’t always better.

3. Scaling workouts is (and always will be) cool.

4. Ploughing through the final moments in a workout alone is made easier with the support of the room. Be a good teammate!

5. The purpose of the workout is to improve look, feel and perform better (Not prove self worth, win workouts, or look cool).

6. No one notices or cares what your score is on a workout, but everyone cares if you cheat.

7. Capturing the context of the workout is everything. Just because you can do a movement doesn’t mean you can do a movement fast enough, long enough, or heavy enough to do it in today’s workout.


Keep these ideas in mind in the intermediate stage, athletes, and you’ll be advanced in no time. Good luck!


Logan Gelbrich




4/8/15 WOD

Find 1 RM Sandbag Getup



50 Pull Ups
Max Squats

-Rest 3 minutes-

50 Push Ups
Max Burpees