The One Question Every Student Must Ask

There are many different mental attitudes that yield success depending upon the situation. Sometimes a patient approach can really help, for example, whereas in other scenarios being aggressive is key. I’d argue, however, that there’s one basic question that an athlete needs to ask of his/her approach before coming to class.

“Did I come here to learn today?”

If the answer is “Yes,” then you’ve got a world of opportunity to learn from your coach and classmates alike. You have a chance not only to do a tough workout, but you have a chance to stay safe, correct movement pattern issues, and you have a chance to get fit quicker. The sky is the limit. If the answer is “No,” there’s a ceiling placed on what can happen here. The very best thing that could happen is you get a tough workout done. That’s it. And, considering what could be had here, that’s sad.

So, I ask you, “Did you come here to learn today?”


Logan Gelbrich



1/9/15 WOD

Gymnastic Technique (20 minutes):
:30 Handstand Hold
15 Hollow Rock or Hold
10 Shoulder Taps
50’ Bear Crawl

10 Wall Balls (20/14)
10 Dips