“Play Good”

[Photo by Lupita Santoyo]

Since my good friend and new DEUCE athlete, Nick McCoy, has moved back into town, our meals and conversations together have been chalk full of old memories playing ball in college together. Just yesterday we were laughing about a ridiculously simple thing our manager used to say. The idea was that we were “lucky,” because you don’t need to be particularly special. In fact, “all you need to do is play good.”

It’s a simple, borderline stupid thing to say. I mean it’s not even correct grammar, but somehow that added value to the words rather than detracted from it. It oddly carried Yogi Berra-like brilliance with it, as well. Of course, when McCoy and I were reminiscing about it we couldn’t help but laugh. Our laughter was followed by some serious observations though.

“I guess it’s no different that anything else. It’s the same in my “real” job now,” said McCoy.

Finding a way to be great is arguably the most important skill one can learn. It is greatness after all that’s most rewarded and rewarding, in my opinion. It’s amazing observing folks spend so much time and energy figuring out strategies, arguing over what methods are best, and critiquing things that don’t matter without ever actually getting good, which is the point. At the end of the day if you “play good,” you win.

Cut the crap. Be excellent at your craft some how, some way. It doesn’t matter the approach or style, but do it “good.” Execute!


Logan Gelbrich


12/15/14 WOD

Spend 15 min on a Heavy Ground to Shoulder
*score as % of body weight

-Rest 5 min-

As many reps of the following barbell complex as possible:
1, 2, 3, 4..

Front Squat

Hang Power Clean

-Rest as needed-

Accumulate 50 pushups