Life: High Stakes vs. Low Stakes

You know, at lot of times I sit down to write for our community I think like a coach or an influencer. I ask myself, “What can I bestow upon these folks?” What can I share to impact at least someone for the better?

Today I’ve just got to confess a thought. Nothing really to teach. Maybe there is if you jive with the message, but that’s not going to affect whether I share this or not.

I’m in the midst of an interesting place. I’m doing everything I can imagine I’d want to be doing right now. This is it. These are the early dog days of so much greatness. Right now it looks like crude stone, but so did every masterpiece at one time right?

Here’s what I’m learning, though. This apparent greatness (the result) comes with great consequences (the process). I’m not smart enough to know this for sure, but it seems natural that there be an relationship with everything in life, much like a zin and a yang. By this logic, any benefit will, then, will have an equal and opposite cost.

If this sliding scale analogy holds up, like it does with sleep (energy/fatigue) and nutrition (fuel in/performance out), then we’ve got a big decision in front of all of us. Do you “go big or go home” or do you live safe in the middle. For example, I’ve chosen more of an extreme that goes something like this:

  1. Make up a job based on passion
  2. Try to do it better than everyone else
  3. Cross fingers that it pays the bills

It’s funny, but  it’s true. What I get is a potentially not boring, very fulfilling life. I also could potentially earn freedom and maybe even some fame and fortune – YAY! What I’m giving up is.. well, everything else. I have no time, no money, and I’m not much use to anyone else as a friend or family member. Again, exceptional result at the consequence of exceptional sacrifice.

Conversely, I could move my sliding scale back down to the more moderate side of things. Forgoing entrepreneurship for one of the few dozen corporations that business students from USD go to for work is an entirely different reality. I could enjoy being home free everyday at 5PM with money in the bank and the ability to take vacations. What I’d give up is the ability to lead and create with total freedom, and my goal of not doing meaningless crap.

Normally, I’d have a coach-like nudge for the reader towards what the “right” move is but, like I said, I’m not motivated to sway anyone with my story. This are getting gnarly around here and, though I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I can say one thing for sure. This isn’t the only way.

What’s your yin and yang look like?


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

For Time
12 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
200m Run
9 Clean and Jerks
400m Run
6 Clean and Jerks
800m Run