Leave Your Mark

Just this afternoon I was in a meeting with the CEO of a well respected brand. If you’re a fan of Whole Foods, there’s a good chance you’d recognize his work. Though we’ve been coordinating for some time via conference calls and emails, this was our first face to face encounter. We were meeting about a project for my company ORIGINAL Nutritionals and as excited as I am about everything ORIGINAL Nutritionals does, I can say this new product development work has me with stars in my eyes.

What’s incredible is as I listened to the CEO, whom I’ll call Marcello, I realized how much I knew about him before we ever exchanged our first words because of what thought his products stood for. You see, Lindsey and I embraced his products long before I knew Marcello or even thought to do business with him. And, his products were specific enough for me to read the label and know that the person (or person) behind the brand were of a certain caliber.

Mobility Island.

Mobility Island.

Simply by looking at the ingredients and taking note of what wasn’t on the label as much as what was, I already knew what it stood for. So fast forward two years, and Marcello is listening to me tell him about ON and Lindsey’s BirthFit program. Then, I’m listening to his passion about the nonsense that his competitors put into the market and why he’s different, and we’re two peas in a pod.

It was then that I realized how proud I was to have things like this gym and the ON brand as a canvas to represent everything that I believe in. If you looked at these things, you’d see inside my soul. I’m realizing now that everyone ought to claim what they stand for. If not, then you’re liable to be defined by things in your life.

What do the things in your life say about you? Would people get the right perception of you by the mark you’re leaving on the world?

Dig deep and leave your mark.


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

5 rounds:
In two minutes:
3 Ground to Shoulder (185/135)
Run 200m
Max Burpees
-Rest 2 min-

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