You’re a doer. In doing anything there is a start or some initial action. This beginning, we’ll call it, comes with a great deal of baggage, however. It comes with opportunity, but it also comes with responsibility. You see we’ve got a responsibility to see things through. We’ve got to uphold harmony in the universe. The universe doesn’t thrive off unmade beds and uncrossed T’s.

So, when you open a door. Close it. When you start something. Finish it.

The job isn’t done when you’ve had enough, it’s become difficult, or when you’re tired. The job is done when it is finished.

Finish what you start.

Women's Only class is JUMPIN'!

Women’s Only class is JUMPIN’!


Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

Find 3 RM Thruster

5 Rounds for time:
6 Thrusters (60% 3RM)
100m Farmers Carry (2/1.5)

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