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This is the time of year that people gather with those that they love and spend time together. The holidays are a great time, a time to celebrate those people that you have around you that mean the world to you. These are the people that make you want to be a better person and those people that are there for you through thick and thin. For some people they may be family or they may be friends. For other people, they may be a barber, or someone at the coffee shop that brightens your day. They may be that person that you see in class, but don’t really know. I want you to picture who this person is for you.

Tait's hugs are often followed by a choke hold.

Tait’s hugs are often followed by a choke hold.

Throughout your past year I am sure that this person, or these people that you are thinking about have brightened your day many times, if not every time that you are with them. I would go as far as to say that they may be very responsible for the happiness that you feel on a daily basis. All of us, regardless of age, religion, race, or job title, want to be accepted by those around us and those that are important to us. I believe that we all need these people in our lives to show us how to be.

I want to use this holiday season to flip the script. I want you to give something back this year. I want you to start a ripple that will surely be felt in the heart of someone special to you. I want you select at least one person that has had a positive effect on your life. When you have this person selected,  I want you to write them a letter. I believe handwritten is a meaningful way to accomplish this. In the letter I want you to tell them how you feel, and how they make you a better person.

The words you say have tremendous power, especially when you speak from the heart. This world we live in is aching for a big change. Lets do our part as a ‘Nation’ and start that ripple. It is sure to spread like wildfire!

Danny Lesslie


Thursday’s Workout:

4 Rounds for reps of:
1 Min Max Muscle Clean (95/65)
1 Min Max KB Front Squat (53/35)
1 Min Max Med Ball Clean (20/14)
-Rest 1 Min-

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