Do you ever feel like you are out in the middle of the proverbial Ocean of Life just treading water, your nose the only thing above the surface? Well, at least you have that. The reason this came up, is sometimes when you begin to think about changing things in your life, setting one small goal or a huge goal like this past weekend at MSH2012 (FFOTB’s Innaugural Goal Setting Extravaganza), you begin to think about where you are currently. It is very normal to feel stuck. But, we aren’t here for ‘normal,’ are we? We are here for more, way more. And, if you are reading this blog, I would like to acknowledge that you are well on your way to finding more.

If you are still at that point where you may feel a bit stuck but you know that you want to move forward, I want to give you one of the tools that really helped me when I was at this place. I use it continually and always find that it helps me plug in to progress.

Enjoy regular heavy doses of laughter.

Enjoy regular heavy doses of laughter.

Draw three boxes on a piece of white paper, stack them vertically, but make then equidistant from each other. In each box I want you to write one word that you want in your life. Now, these words can be vague or they can be precise. You only have 3, so choose them wisely.

From now on each decision that you make should absolutely point to one of these three things. If it doesn’t, maybe you should rethink it.

Just for the example I will give you mine when I did this. At this time in my life, I was in Kansas City, hating my job as an insurance salesman, and living with my parents.

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This was 6 years ago. Today I would say that my life pretty much embodies these three things. Now the exact path was not clear, but I knew the general direction. I am still working on the music part, but I love listening to it (via my pocket jukebox). The point is that things were clear, and it made progress simple. I am not saying this is the only thing that can work, but it helped me more than I can put into words.

Cheers to you progress!


Danny Lesslie


Wednesday’s Workout:

Complete the following with a partner for reps:


Partner A: Max Strict Press (95/65)

Partner B: 200M Run


–Rest 4 Min–


Partner A: Max Push Press (95/65)

Partner B: 200M Run


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