Thanksgiving in #FakeGym Fashion


Dear Nation:

It’s this time of year that we get together with friends and family. Holiday parties, incredibly prepared meals, and company seem to be abound. In addition, this time is often about reflection and gratitude.

As I think about this community, it’s tough not to get emotional right away. Though the theme of what we’ve created is one of fitness training, I hate to break it to you… the workouts are just the catalyst for the real product. The real product is this unshakable community and remarkable lifestyle. It’s human, and boy is it fun! Sometimes it takes the holiday season to realize that we are all different now for the better.

Double trouble!

Think about yourself a year ago, or even just a few months or week ago. Compare that to yourself now. Some of you look different. Many of us talk about different things than we used to. Our thoughts have changed arguably more than our words have, too. Imagine that! You are thinking about performance. You’re noticing things. Your nutrition, your sleep, what you can and cannot do fill your mind where gossip, excuses, and poor self-talk once stood.

We’ve all added a stripe or two as lieutenant role models. Let’s be honest, when the pumpkin pie is passed around the table this Thanksgiving, the witty fitness comments will surely be aimed in your direction. Wear it proudly, because you’re different for the better.

Think not just about yourself, but about everyone in this community, because without it chances are many of us couldn’t say we are “better than yesterday.” Working with you all is a badge of honor that I couldn’t be more grateful for.

So, most simply put… THANK YOU. Now, pass the pumpkin pie!

Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

Practice Gratitude

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