You bought it. Now, drive it!

OK, so maybe you’ve figured out how to show up. You find a way to get to class and you’ve displayed a desire to stay committed. That’s a crucial step in the right direction.

Many students, however, continue to leave something on the table with their time here. The omission I am talking about here isn’t one of participation. This is separate of showing up. For a clear picture of what I mean, I’d like you to think of this program like it’s an exotic roadster. For the sake of imagery and a unique branding opportunity, let’s say FFOTB is the Mercedes Benz SLS. To be hilariously simple, this thing has a couple features…

Showing up to class and going home three days a week religiously, is no different than treating this Mercedes rocket-ship like it’s any other car. Sure, at any other gym you’d go when you can and while you’re there you workout. Great. Well, if you’re commuting with a $600,000 Mercedes you might as well dink around with the navigation system, right?. Hell, it has 7-speeds and can do well over 200 mph, wouldn’t you agree you could have saved a lot of cash with a Ford Focus if you’re driving  around town at 35-50 MPH listening to AM radio?

Consider the “features” of the fitness school here. We’ve got various programs like:

These formal programs don’t even include the more intangible features, either. Remember that this is a coaching based fitness school. Not taking advantage of the coaching available to you outside of class is a crime in my honest opinion. This includes things like general evaluation and strategy, goal setting, nutritional strategy, meal plans, and programming for at home or on the road. Considering that it’s these things that matter most AND are the most difficult to manage tell me that ignoring them, especially when it’s free is slightly irresponsible.

Oh, hey ladies!

Just weeks ago Danny and I met with Joe. He wanted to sit down and look at the best trajectory to tackle some goals he had (AKA music to a coach’s ear). He walked away with a clear plan and narrowed focus. Not to mention, his three month goal to get a 205 lb clean came two months early this past weekend at the VITALS Challenge finals.

Huh, it’s almost like this stuff works..

If you’re feeling like you’re at a standstill with your progress, maybe it’s time to start tinkering with the dashboard a bit. I mean, if you’re in the program you paid for the roadster. You might as well drive it.

Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:

Hang Power Snatch

FFOTB Baseline
400m Run
40 Squats
30 Sit Ups
20 Push Ups
10 Burpees

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