The VITALS Challenge Finals are here!

The weather is primed for an incredible competition experience for The VITALS Challenge Finals. It’s been six week of narrowed focus, and our challengers will step on to the bluff tomorrow with hopes to complete a personal best in three different events: the mile, a max effort ground to shoulder, and a max duration L-sit.

Game on!

If you’re enrolled in the challenge, this is your time to shine. The work has been done. Now, it’s time to DO. Let’s all compete hard and have fun!

If you’re not enrolled in the challenge, do know that these events are often well attended. Come out and support the challengers and have fun with our community at large.

In addition, the festivities don’t stop there.. join us at 7:00 PM at Baby Blues BBQ in Venice as we celebrate both the end of the challenge, as well as Dana and Dan Estes birthdays! If you have yet to join us for a FFOTB Social Event, this you your opportunity to see our great student body relax and have fun together.


Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

The “VITALS Challenge” Finals

Run 1 Mile

Find 1RM Ground to Shoulder

Find Max Duration L-sit

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