Cursed with Knowledge

The opposite, more famous version of this sentiment says that “ignorance is bliss.” As someone who has a little insight here and there about a couple things about performance, nutrition, and mental skills, I’m screwed. Period. So, if you don’t know don’t ask. Like Jack said, you can’t handle the truth. It’s a famous line for a reason, because trust me life sucks when you know a thing or two.

So, as your coach.. read my lips: DON’T. LEARN. ANYTHING. Life is nothing but a nightmare of personal responsibility and cold hearted accountability if you do.

Chris P. on the grind.

Imagine, just for a second, what your world would be like if you had the “gift” of knowledge, especially in the space of health and wellness. You’d know that you’re capable of much more than you give yourself credit for, which would mean you’d have a hell of a lot more work to do. You’d also know that things like strength and fitness aren’t matters of opinion or aesthetics. And, that “what works for you” is only true if it… well.. works.

Knowledge is one giant buzz kill. So, to hell with it. The worst part of all is once you have it you can’t really go back and forget it. Lord, knows I wish I could forget that though it sounds nice, “Low-fat” and “Lite” products are insulin inducing killers. Now, I’m cursed with the idea that my health and wellness is in my own hands. My excuses don’t work and I have to go to bed at night with a weight on my shoulders that deflecting heart disease and obesity to genetics is a cop out. I know that the path of least resistance is popular for a reason, and it’s isn’t because of the results.

With this knowledge, all the sudden the Earth keeps rotating in the face of excuses and self sacrifice. Unfortunately, without ignorance things can be my fault and consequences are heavy. Victories and success are possible, but good Lord, do you have to work for them. What gives?

Knowledge brings on all these wholesome ideas that come with tons of baggage like hard work, integrity, and self respect, too. So, as a coach of efficiency and an improved lifestyle heed my message: Continue to embrace simpleton ideals and surface level pursuits. It’s the easiest route from A to Z. And, that’s the goal, right?


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

Snatch Balance

2, 4, 6, 8..
Clean and Jerk (135/95)
Over the Bar Hops

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