When the going gets tough.. It depends.

Do you ever notice how things go when you’re on a roll with your training? You’re unstoppable. Minor hiccups in your day cannot stand in between you and getting to class. No way! Dentist appointment? Time might be tight, but no problem. If the choice is to hit the snooze button, or get to class.. you’re ready come warm up time.

Get up.

What about those close calls with your nutrition? When you’re in the groove with training, it’s easy to turn down the pasta house special and go with the seafood, vegetable dish. There’s less reason to “give in.” There’s just more to give up when you’re going good, so it’s easy to stay strong.

How empowering is it to make positive choice after positive choice and watch your snowball of personal growth roll down hill? It’s easy. It fits because it’s the norm. It’s the standard you’ve set.

Now, flip the script..

What do these situations look like when you’ve broken the streak? When there’s a bump in your momentum of positivity and discipline, it’s all too easy to give in. “Hell, it’s the house special, for God’s sakes. Of course, I’ll have the pasta.” And when you’re dedication is loose it’s easy to validate just about anything. “If I don’t make it to the post office now, I’ll never get these gifts in the mail. I’ll go to class three times next week.”

In times of discipline, folks will have strength in every instance that demands it. Conversely, when we’ve lost motivation we’ve lost control. And unfortunately, we will fail in those instances that demand strength.

Which position are you operating from these days? Are you on the ball? Or, are you an expert in excuse-making? The moment you begin to feel sorry for yourself in a rut, recall the countless people that are getting up each day to win the day. They are out there, in droves. And, they are taking your lunch money.

There is no time to sulk. There’s work to be done. Get after it.


Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

VITALS Challenge Training

Run 800m

-Rest  2 min-
Even: 30 sec L or Chair
Odd: 4 High Hang Cleans (50% 1RM clean)

-Rest 2 min-

Run 800m

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