Core Values Installment 1: Team

Here in the “Nation,” I believe that there are an Amazing amount of descriptors that you could use to describe your experience.  In the building of this place that we all feel is home there were, amongst others, 8 specific core values that Logan and I felt should be the pulse of the Nation.  The first one that I am going to highlight is ‘Team.’

We’ve got teams within teams!

When I first think of this word it takes me right back to playing sports when I was a kid.  So much of our lives as adults is formed by the experiences that we have as a child.  Not all of us, but a good number of us were a part of a team in some fashion.  And for those that weren’t… well now you are.  This sense of belonging is very important in our growth as an individual.

A team is very unique in that when one falters, the rest of the members are there to carry them along.  A perfect example of this is last week when I lost Diesel.  I would say it put a pretty solid hitch in my proverbial “gitty-up.”  Yep, I am from the Country.  I want to say a giant “thank you” to the Nation.  The outpouring of support during this time was overwhelming in the best sort of way.  I cannot thank you guys enough.  This is what team is.

We can apply this team concept in the class setting, as well.  Apply it each day that you come out to class, whatever the workout is, whoever shows up to class that day, even when you are nursing an injury, or you are angry about your day, or having trouble in a relationship, or feel great.  The “Nation” is there standing strong as your team.  We are there for you  to make you  better.  The team may change day by day, depending on who is in class.  But one thing will ring true.  You will always be accepted and important in this team.  Furthermore, we need you to play, to be our best.  After all you guys put a smile on my face on a pretty dark day.

Thanks again, teammates.

Danny Lesslie


Saturday’s Workout:

For Quality:
30-20-10 Parallette Dips
Max L (or chair) Sit


In 12 minutes:
Run 800m
5 Push Ups
10 KB Swings
5 Squats

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