Masters of Performance = Masters of Movement

I was recently in the same room as one of the fittest men and one of fittest women on the planet, Jeremy Kinnick and Lindsey Valenzuela. During my attempt to improve my fitness by osmosis, I began to recognize an aspect of these individuals performance that might not be as obvious to others that it is to me.

The fittest men and women on Earth are strong. They are fast. And, they are able to do more work faster than anyone else on the planet. What’s nearly universally true in these athletes, however, is that they all are masters of good movement. No athlete at the highest level of competition, is strong enough, fast enough, or talented enough to get away with inefficient movement.  Not one.

Physics are the rules by which we must play.

Even an athlete like Usain Bolt is a master of the fundamentals. Talent?  Yes! Speed? God, yes! But, not even he can out run poor form.

Think about this concept in your training and what’s made available to you with efficient movement. If the best of the best must abide by the fundamentals, we too, ought to seek out optimal biomechanics. If we are faster, stronger, and more efficient when we do things right, then we’d all agree: “There’s no reason to do it wrong.”

Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

Tabata Squats

-Rest 2 min-

Then 8 rounds:

Run 200m

-Rest 1 min-

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