Routine, meet Monkey Wrench.

Fresh thoughts. We all can use a little shake up now and then, right? Earlier this month I uncovered a novel trick that I’ve embraced ever since. One morning I woke up a bit too early and couldn’t fall back asleep. Out of my element, I decided on a whim to fire up the espresso machine and take my Americano on a walk through the neighborhood.

I just so happened to walk through the empty streets of Venice listening to my favorite podcast, The Paleo Solution. This experience was new and exciting for a guy that’s on an unbreakable routine. Right away, it brought clarity and new thinking. I let my mind wander and I even enjoyed noticing new things about my neighborhood.

Wait a minute! This isn’t standard issue FFOTB gear..

Upon returning to the house, I was thrilled about the potential of a new routine in my life. Performance-wise I was able to write clearly and effectively. I felt creative and full of ideas, which is invaluable in my position.

Today I started to think about this new favorite habit of mine. I think the details are just semantics, but the shuffle of our routines can be the spark in our minds to make way for important new thinking. Have you ever ventured outside of your heavily practiced routines? Was it scary? Productive?

I’d encourage you, as an experiment, to take on something new. It doesn’t need to be particularly odd, but the idea is to throw a wrench in your life if it begins to look like clock work.

If you’ve got some, share your experimental experiences with ‘The Nation.” We’re all ears!


Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

Part A:
3 rounds for time:
5 Sand Bag Cleans
10 Sand Bag Back Squats
15 Lateral Jumps
Part B:
Run 1000m

**Part A & B are to be completed with a continuously running clock. Athletes receive two scores for their efforts.

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