Nutritional Tinkering 2.0

Why yes, the tinkering continues…

As I’ve stated previously, our respective dietary lives should be spent forever tinkering in order to hone in on what is optimal for our bodies. Though I believe firmly in the foundation that we provide each of you with regards to nutrition, it’s just the beginning. With out fail, adopting a lifestyle of real food nutrition (plants and animals), sans dairy, grains, legumes, sugar, and processed foods, yields a positive adaptation for folks not yet on board with such a strategy. However, this is just a starting place.

Sam B. in the #FakeGym

From here, it behooves us to “tinker” or experiment to find optimal practices for ourselves. We all have a similar genetic code, however, our genotypes can be expressed quite uniquely. This unique expression is our phenotype. This would explain why though sugar is trouble for anyone’s system, that some can live an entire life consuming their fair amount of sugar and have a thin frame, while others are overweight. Similarly, it’s the same reason that if I have a large chocolate milk shake I simply might not feel well, but Danny would have an asthma attack. Same genetic code. Slightly different expression of that code. Hence, the reason for tinkering and the lack of one optimal blanket nutrition strategy for everyone.

In my last blog on this topic, “Forever Tinker”, we were wrapping up the infamous Route 56 Challenge. I was sending all of our prized students back out into the world free of strict nutritional guidelines, and like a worried father I wanted to set them up for success. The guidelines were a blanket nutrition strategy that would help most everyone, but wouldn’t be ideal for anyone. So, I encouraged them to tinker with what they observed. I wanted them to find out how much that the consumption of wild rice, for example, hindered them, if much at all. They should know if having pizza a dozen times a year is worth it, or if they were going to stay away from it forever.

I’d like to reaffirm this message. Hopefully you all are continuing to tinker with your nutrition. I am. My newest experiment is to avoid nightshades like tomatoes and peppers. These foods were originally not considered foods at all, as they were poisonous. Depending on the expression of your genes, nightshades could be a hidden culprit for inflammation in the body. I’m setting out to find out if I am one of the victims of this. What are you currently tinkering with?


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

6 rounds:
9 Double KB Thrusters
50m Sprint
**Athletes rest as needed between rounds


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