Fatal Attraction: How your DNA may be killing you

We naturally crave sugar, especially the natural stuff. Regardless of where you’re from, we all share an evolutionary pull towards a nice ripe raspberry or melon. Not only does the glucose rich fruit taste good, it affects the feel good receptors in the brain. All that means is regardless of your favorite fruit (or sugar fix), our body’s chemistry rewards the consumption of sugar on a physiological level.

Why would we have a natural attraction to sugar?

Well, for much of our time on Earth, sugar was rare. Plants were only fruitful in some parts of the world for just some part of the year. One could gather, then, that this natural attraction to sugar was for good reason. In such scarce circumstances, glucose rich foods were often necessary for survival.The ripening spring and summer months are followed by a dismal winter, which required extra energy storage and fat density.

Step right up!

The problem today, however, is that we’ve engineered our agriculture in such a way that many fruits are “in season” year round. Furthermore, we’ve made up our own sources of sugar. Of course, we haven’t mastered sugar as good as nature, but we put it in everything, nonetheless. Given it’s universal availability we’ve officially abused the consumption of sugar. 

In many ways, our natural attraction to sugar has morphed into quite a fatal attraction. People today are stuck between a rock and a hard place with sugar, so much so that it is recognized by many health experts as an addiction as strong or stronger than any drug on the market. In our DNA we are forever drawn to the very thing that is a major culprit in the death and disease in this country. 

With insulin abuse at an all time high, it many be in our best interest to make known this clear attraction to America’s obesity drug: sugar. We can either chalk it up as a battle we can’t win, or recognize that when we make dietary choices that there are some strong evolutionary forces driving our tendencies towards foods that promote obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. It’s up to us to decide that the consequences of this attraction may out weigh any natural desire.

Everyone loves sugar. Given what I know about it, I just happen to to not like it more than the consequences that come with it.

Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

“Suicide Swings”

Complete 4 rounds with a partner for reps:
A: Run Suicide 10/20/30
B: Max KB Swings

**Partners are in competition

***Each partner scores one sum total of KB swings


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