VIDEO: “A New Man”

Everyone has a story worth telling. At least, I think so. Every person who has stepped foot in class brings with them a unique past. We all have different reasons for being here, and that is part of the magic of what happens when this group takes a step forward in physical and mental fitness.


Danny Patterson has a story, as well. If there was a FFOTB Hall of Fame, he’s be on the first ballot in. DPatt has lost over 100 lbs and completely captured his life and molded it into something new and exciting since joining this community. Now, we aren’t a weightloss-oriented school, but it’s remarkable, especially in a world that promotes harmful drugs, exercise gimmicks, and surgery as shortcut options to the results DPatt earned himself.

I don’t want to speak for DPatt, but something tells me that if you asked him, he’d take this road over any other ‘easier’ way. DPatt’s results are inspiring. I mean, off the bat, the guy is unrecognizable from his older self. I’d argue, however, that the biggest contribution DPatt makes to this community are the intangible things…


He will not quit.

He personifies commitment and excellence.

His spirit is contagious.

He silences your excuses.

People think they can put a finger on fitness with what they see. People look and see the right outfit, the right looking body, and a light jog and they see fitness. I look at Danny Patterson and I see fitness.

I’m honored to train with you. I’m honored to coach you. Here’s to you DPatt!

Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

Complete 5 rounds:
Max Rep Deadlifts (80% 1RM)
Max Rep Push Ups
*Rest as needed between rounds

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