9/19/16 - Walking with Purpose

We’ve all seen it. Whether it’s in an airport or in a restaurant or on the street, you can tell when someone is walking with purpose. I don’t mean seeing someone walk fast because they are late or putting one foot in front of the other as a means of transportation, I mean someone who’s doing something. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that little extra something when someone means business.

I caught an example of this in a busy restaurant. With a backdrop of patrons moving in and out, waiters milling about taking orders, and bussers walking to and from the kitchen, you could see a disparity in the action. People were walking about, and then “POW!” a waiter walked by with an aura of intentionality that trickled down from his brain and lifted his head and affected his shoulders which were down and back. His chest was forward and he held his arm out, as if ready for the task he was headed to complete. The purpose in his head seemed to propel his feet, too, not like he was in a hurry, but like he had a job to do. He meant business.

This little intangible represents purpose. When you have purpose you can have pride in what you’re doing. When you have pride in what you’re doing it bleeds into action. That action, even just walking, will look different when you’re on a mission.

We can talk with purpose, too, or we can just mouth off about simple gossip. We can pick up things, drive, carry things, build things, or do anything else for that matter with purpose… or, we can just kinda, sorta go through the motions.

If you’ve seen someone walk across the room executing on purpose and purely taking aggressive intentional action, you’ll know that doing something any other way is a concession in quality. I’m not saying to do anything but if you do, be decisive.


Logan Gelbrich


9/19/16 WOD

Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes complete, the following for time:

5 Sandbag Front Squats (AHAP)

10 Burpees over the Bag

200m Run


Assistance Work:

3x 10 Partner Assisted GHRs

3x 12 Weighted Situps