2/12/15 - The Model Student

During our recent powerlifting seminar put on by none other than Shane and Laura Sweatt, there was talk of Eastern European strength sports and the sports scientists that paved the way for some of the most successful Olympic efforts the world has seen. Stories of these early “Eastern Block” thinkers seem like nothing short of legends in Greek Mythology.

It’s the early Russian efforts on the Olympic stage that we first see talk of the “model athlete.” Ultra committed countries like Russia, China, Bulgaria, and so on, have strength in numbers. A sport like weightlifting, for example, produces a crop of prospects so deep that coaches can hand select for ideal characteristics (i.e. the model athlete). Arms too long? Slow developing balance? There’s no time for that.

The results are obviously staggering once you get the best training methodologies and coaches working on the “perfect” athlete.

Just today, Coach Emily joked about a student in class being our version of the model athlete. Naturally, we’re a training entity focused on education and fitness rather than the unchartered territory of world record setting competition, so our model athlete is a bit different.

Our model athlete is the one that comes to learn. He or she remembers why they came, and that the coach’s words are the most valuable place direct one’s undivided attention. The model athlete knows that where he/she is right now is exactly where he/she needs to be. Furthermore, he/she knows the quickest way to screw this up is to get caught up in someone else’s journey. The model athlete commits to only what they can show up for. He/she waits to upgrade at the right time. In return, he/she gets to sit back and enjoy a lifetime of tapping into unlimited potential.

As we enjoyed swapping stories about this model athlete, Embo and I realized there’s actually more than one of you in the crowd. And, that is exciting! Unlike Russia’s model athlete, you don’t need to be born a certain way to be a DEUCE Gym model athlete. Try it!


Logan Gelbrich


2/12/15 WOD

Find a Heavy OHS Single..



Then, EMOM 15
1: 2 Sandbag Ground to Shoulder [AHAP]
2: 6 Strict Pullups
3: 8 DBL KB Front Squat [53/35]