8/24/16 - On Newness

As the one of the most capable, resilient species on the planet, we must also be willing to admit that us humans are quite easy to trick. If our levels of participation in the lottery don’t prove this alone, we can look at our susceptibility to be distracted as further evidence of this. We are continually fooled by newness, for example, when almost unequivocally what we really want in food, business, partners, music, and everything else, for that matter, is quality. Look around. We continually are derailed by newness.

Firstly, what is quality? It’s a big question that many people have attempted to answer diligently. The most precise understanding I have of quality is a perfect connection between subject and object. When there it’s a dress in a store window, a meal of food on your plate, or a business partner in your office, when the object (or thing in question) speaks to and fulfills the subject (you) most directly, that person, place, or thing has quality. The closer that connection between subject and object the more quality it has.

Newness is much easier to understand. Novelty has a shot clock and the clock is ticking until something new dies and become “old”. Newness fades where quality tends to be more central to the object.

Whatever it is that we’re concerned with, what we most desire is quality. Don’t let the excitement of newness fool you. Surely, you can come across something new that has quality, but when you find quality don’t be so quick to trade it for newness.

At DEUCE Gym, we may be new in some of your lives, but we’ve got nothing new, per se, to share with you. Rather, we’re talking about some of the oldest concepts human movement has to offer. After all, what survives the test of time?



Logan Gelbrich


8/24/16 WOD

Complete the following for time:

1 Mile Run

-Rest as needed-


Then, complete 3 rounds for time:

8 DB Overhead Walking lunges (AHAP)

16 Pull Ups