9/22/16 - Discomfort: Micro Rites of Passage

Yesterday I recorded a podcast where the conversation turned to training practices backed by science that had key side benefits that may or may not be legit. The question was, “What recent training hack have you been utilizing that has yielded good results?”

My answer was the multiple ice bath immersion for two to three minutes that I’ll do a couple times a week. Aside from the science out there suggesting that there are some hormone regulation benefits, body composition improvements, and recovery aid, there is a general feeling of accomplishment associated to it that packs a valuable punch. I simply feel better and though it’s not scientific, I also just feel more accomplished, proud, and ready for the tasks the day might demand of me. We can’t forget that these kinds of this happen when we choose to be extremely uncomfortable, endure anyway, and come out on the other end feeling pride.

I don’t care if the science ever comes in on this one, because choosing some means to make yourself uncomfortable is an important micro-rite of passage that can help the mind, in my opinion. Seeking adversity and managing it, whether it’s in martial arts, mathematical conundrums, fitness, or a tub of ice, I challenge you to learn yourself on a deeper level with discomfort. You’ll have the most honest answers to all the questions your seeking.

Get in here and get uncomfortable.


Logan Gelbrich


9/22/16 WOD

Find a Heavy 50’ Yoke Carry


Then, AMRAP 10

10 Cal Row

15 Wallballs (20/14)

10 Box Jump Overs