[VIDEO] How to Get a Fake Gift Card

Functional Fitness on the Bluffs doesn’t have a front door, but we do sell giftcards this holiday season. So, whether you are adding this to your color-coded-cross-referenced Christmas list or you are in the giving mood, here’s how it’s done. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A2xT_Ulm2I] — Easy peasy, right? Friends don’t let friends get sucked into the holiday season

Are you ripe for a mass movement?

Human behavior has always been of interest to me, and considering that the leadership of a small population of people is the name of our game I dig into this area deeply. It could be argued that folks are ripe for a movement when their respective interests and outlook doesn’t fulfill a direct livable purpose.

To a Certain Degree

You’ve heard us talk about this topic before in reference to varying degrees of caliber athletes. It’s the fundamental idea that supports the notion that Lebron James, the Queen on England, and Dan Estes can all scale the same training session with us and get a relatively similar response. This works because these athletes differ by

Pay it Forward

Today we live in this world of road rage, rush hour, stress, violence, plenty of rude people, self absorbed individuals, and the worst ungrateful humans. Personally, I have had enough of the negative energy. So, here is my thought, because what people are doing doesn’t seem to be working. I can absolutely empathize with people

State of Mind Injuries

Have you ever really thought about the importance one’s state of mind is? Take that one step further, have you ever realized how much we neglect that importance? Let’s use an example to make this point clear. Think about a child that’s broken his arm skateboarding. There is a very common reaction to this incident