Habits and Nutrition

Let us not forget the significance of our habits, however big or small. They are significant! This is the very reason that habits of discipline and excellence breed much of the same on a grander scale. Most specifically, however, I’d like to call your attention to habits of nutrition. I don’t mean the strict diet

Training on the Road

Though the stars aligned and FFOTB is thrilled that we will not have to cancel a single class session this holiday season, we realize that doesn’t mean you all aren’t traveling. If you’re on the road enjoying time with family and friends, it doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking of you. If you’re thinking of us

Self Sacrifice: A Cardinal Sin

Giving is easy. Sure it feels good, and maybe it is good. However, we seem justify just about any type of behavior if it’s in the benefit of others. People will do crazy things to be selfless. They’ll quit their jobs, let their health suffer, change their plans, and even dim their dreams for the

Training Tips: Daily Logging

Nope, I wasn’t kidding when I told you how important it is to log your workouts. Every single time, as a matter of fact, I was dead serious. So, here’s me being an annoying again: What’s your FFOTB Baseline time? What’s your 2 minutes max sit-ups score? 800m run PR? How about 1RM Turkish Get

“Fresh Fish!”

The world famous Pike Place Fish Company in Seattle, is known for the most unique fish experience in the world. To describe this fish company as just a fish market would be a huge mistake. The market is recognized the world over for the experience, more so than the fish. Shouts from the fish market