Reaching out, greater than retreating

“You retreated, when you actually needed to reach out.”

Oooph. Hearing that stung.

I received this feedback while in pursuit of passing the Level 3 certification for Coach’s Prep. It came in reference to a distinct shift that occurred while coaching a progression for the handstand pushup. Specifically, there was a moment in class where I lost about half the group. And, amidst the uncertainty of navigating an unexpected misunderstanding between cue and performance, I said nothing. Despite the ten different adjustments I had considered vocalizing within .2 seconds in my mind, I remained silent. Then quickly moved on, towards the next part of the class…

Listen, I’m not proud that this experience happened. Ironically, I have a graduate degree in Communication. Not so ironically, I don’t think I would have learned what I did without real time application (and failure). But I share this story today as a valuable reflection point for you to consider how well (or not) you’re navigating interpersonal connection in your life right now, amidst the social distancing we are all experiencing.

Though it requires far less effort to avoid interaction, or to choose not to engage, it’s a slippery slope towards relinquishing what’s actually in your control when you default to saying nothing. Especially during times of uncertainty.

Haven’t heard from a certain friend or family member yet, and thinking they don’t care? Feeling compelled to connect with people you’re thinking about, but “don’t want to bother them”? I urge you to avoid making judgments based on assumptions. Keep this in mind: there is a breadth of possibility afforded to those willing to engage in interaction. Are you willing to make the first move?

As for any nagging doubt you might wrestle with in deciding whether to say something or not, consider what comedian and actor Jay Mohr once said on an episode of The Truth Barrel: 

“Your moment of wanting to share something, that’s your insurance.”

So, who will you reach out to today?


Kimmy Moss


3/23/20 WOD

Progressive Volume Work:


Complete 5 rounds for quality:

12 Hollow Rocks

15 Push Ups

20 Squats


Progressive Tempo Run:


Run 10 Minutes Out

Return with a Negative Split (<10 Minutes)