Cultural Epigenetics

The prefix “epi-” means to be near or beside. Epigenetics, for example, is the study of how our environment can “turn on” genetic predispositions. Surely, some men and women are genetically predisposed to being overweight or having heart issues, but these underlying tendencies need an environmental trigger like a poor diet to rear its ugliest head. 

As I traveled to and through some of the smallest towns in New Mexico this past weekend to speak with people about my book, I couldn’t help but recognize the overwhelming contrast in surroundings. The folks I met were some of the most curious, courageous, and passionate people I’ve met and let’s just say their environment didn’t make their tenacity any easier. 

If you spend most of your time in a bubble like Venice Beach, you’re likely taking for granted the cultural epigenetics at play. Everyone is hustling in Los Angeles and therefore doing so is socially supported and normalized. Many folks are accomplishing incredible things in their lives more or less swimming upstream in the process because of their surroundings, but you don’t have to!

We all have some control over our surroundings and so I’d encourage you to triple down on building an environment that will “turn on” the characteristics inside you that serve you most. We all have some beastly characteristics inside of us that we’d rather not feed, after all. 

Logan Gelbrich   


8/29/19 WOD

Find a Max Stone Load…


Complete 5 rounds for reps:

:60 Max Log Clean + Press (155/105)

-Rest 3 Minutes-



100 DB Death March