Why No One Can Afford to Hedge

There’s an illogical mindset that hijacks our best life. What it looks like is a hedging of our best effort for some later date in a better circumstance. After all, which comes first? Do you find yourself in the position you wish for because you’ve done your best work or does your best work come out in your ideal position in life?

Here’s a spoiler for you. It’s never the latter. Mediocre work never gets you in the position of your dreams. In fact, how disrespectful would it be to your dreams to assume that a partial effort could accomplish them in the first place? You’re much better than that.

In the video above, the oddly relevant story of Mike Quackenbush’s hedge against his best effort until he made the big time solidified his fate. Unfortunately, the big time doesn’t comes for those who are withholding their best.

It seems that while we began with a choice, we’ve concluded that there isn’t a choice here at all. The universe needs your best work now and always. Don’t wait. After all, if you do, what you’re waiting for will surely never come. 

Logan Gelbrich


1/30/19 WOD

Hang Power Cleans

Power Cleans


Then, complete 3 rounds following for time:
5 Devil Press (60/45)
5 DB Thrusters
5 Box Jump (30/24)
100 Walking Lunges