Curating Your Nurture

The nature versus nurture debate may still rage on in some circles, but it’s dead as a doornail here. No, we haven’t unearthed some new scientific evidence to put the argument to rest. We have something even better!

It’s called awareness and here’s what it tells us. Even if there is a case to believe that we are mostly (or completely) a product of nature in deterministic fashion, it doesn’t really matter. If there is even a one percent chance that our existence, our results, our happiness, etc is a product of nurture, it doesn’t pay to believe in the nature camp.

The safest bet is a Pascal’s Wager-type approach to assuming we have some control in our destiny and curate our environment accordingly. Nurture yourself into the type of development you’d like with your controllable behavior and surroundings because even if you’re wrong, and everything is decided by the hand of nature, none of your choices would matter anyway.

Logan Gelbrich


10/29/18 WOD

Find a Heavy Triple Log Clean..

Then, complete the following for time:
Handstand Pushups
Sumo Deadlifts (315/225)
Strict Pull Ups