Locking In on an Effective Pattern

You know those people that get stuck in a loop? Heck, it might be you. It looks something like ideas are presented, more ideas are presented, even more ideas are presented, and finally no action. What is that about?

Humans move in patterns. What’s more is that humans can have effective patterns in one area of their lives and then ineffective patterns in another area in their lives. The good news is that none of this needs to be permanent.

If you can understand the mechanics of the effective patterns, you can borrow that insight to kick yourself out of the unproductive loop described above. I did a deep dive into this dynamic during an intensive two week course earlier this month in Amsterdam that borrowed the simple fact that if you have a decision making strategy to eventually get out of bed in the morning then you can technically use the same strategies to shorten the normally endless loop of ideas, ideas, ideas, and no action.

While a coach can most effectively get to the root of this pattern, you can experiment with it yourself. Pick a decision making process that is effective for you and notice what you process is. Do you first imagine the future visually? Do you consult your self-talk? What’s your next step? Do you reflect on past images or sounds of success? Failure?

There is a pattern here. If you pay close enough attention and even write down your process in success, you’ll notice that your pattern differs in a key area that supports the ineffective cycle. Continuing to look and construct the future, for example, rather than listen to your self-talk could leave you at the drawing board in stagnation where in another context you’re successfully able to get out of bed.

Try it. You may open some awareness to something you’ve been blind to and you could get get some productivity out of it!


Logan Gelbrich


10/18/18 WOD

In 30 Minutes, complete the following for reps:
1 Mile Run
100 KB Swings (53/35)
80 Walking Lunges
60 Push Ups
40 DB Snatches (50/30)
20 Deadlifts (225/185)
10 Strict Pull Ups