Move Some Dirt

Our friends at Power Athlete HQ have as good of an understanding of physical development as anyone. The founder, John Welbourn, has said, “Getting strong is like moving a pile of dirt. Some days you use a shovel and some days you use a spoon, but what’s important is that you move some dirt.”

Don’t fall into the trap of only training on days where you feel like you’ve got your shovel and wheelbarrow ready. Feeling like you’re standing at the base of a mountain with a teaspoon? That’s OK.

Show up. Move some dirt.

Logan Gelbrich


5/1/18 WOD


1 & ¼ Back Squat

Then, complete the following for time:
12 Cleans (225/155)
24 Box Jumps (24/20)
12 Bar Muscle Ups
24 Deadlifts
6 Cleans
12 Box Jumps
6 Bar Muscle Ups
12 Deadlifts