There is a true honesty in a team. There is a thread that makes us all better for being a part of a team. There is a consciousness that makes us rise to the occasion on a team. I don’t believe that anything in our lives can be quite as great as it can be when shared with others.

I am not just speaking about sports teams in the most literal sense. I am speaking about groups of people that support one another. The other day a few of us did some hill sprints near the gym. I have done these sprints a handful of times by myself and they are terrible. I have got to say, going with other people makes the experience much better. We laughed at each other, we ran faster, took less rest, and had a much better time. I am pretty confident in saying that I got more benefit out of these, on this day, than I have on any of the previous days. I lost every sprint by a good distance, and was thrilled to do them. I can say that I have no idea how those sprints would have went if I had been alone, but I would not have the same experience. The team once again made me better.

There is a distinct transparency in honesty of effort on a team. All of the sudden you feel that peer pressure to perform. If you are by yourself, you may allow yourself to slide. With peers around you need to show up. We make each other better just by being there. You make us better just by being there, just by being here. We sprinted faster on this day simply because we sprinted together.

I hope that you have had the fortunate experience of being a part of a team in your life, part of a team that supports its people, part of a team that cares for its people like family. I hope that DEUCE is one of these places for you. There is quite a dose of momentum over here. Come be a part of this!


Danny Lesslie


4/6/16 WOD


Bench Press


Then, complete 3 rounds for quality:

Max Reps Inverted Row

50 Band Pull Aparts

8 DB JM Presses

8 DB Tate Presses