Long Live the Resilient

I’m either a lunatic, old soul, or a reincarnated version of the guy that tells that story about walking to school in the snow, up hill, both ways (which never happened, by the way). I do, however, see a general problem in our population when it comes to resilience, or lack thereof.

Life, after all, doesn’t demand the same time of bareknuckle stick-to-it-ness that less sheltered, poorly fed, blue collar days of old did, which is fine by the way. We don’t need to live in hell to be tough, people. I never lived through such years anyway. As an upper middle class, white male, like has always been gratefully free of adversities felt by most others. Nonetheless, I’d like to think that our generations would be a bit more robust to the ebb and flow of weather, finances, and other bouts of adversity.

The holiday season, a slow month at work, traffic, a stuffy nose, and a few less hours of sleep are not hall passes. In fact, many of us practice a life where things only get done when all of the stars align in our favor. Any swimming up stream means most people “can’t make it.” Personal projects run passionately unless, of course, “things are crazy at work.” Lord knows people aren’t training if they’re tired, have too much work, have work off, are low on dough, or made enough money to have more fun.

What is that?

If not following through with your commitments is that fragile, you’re either destined for an early death or you’re living in a cushy, unrealistic existence.

Stand firm.



Logan Gelbrich


12/17/15 WOD


Row 1000m

25 Push Presses (135/95)

30 Box Jumps (24/20)

35 Situps

40 Pullups

45 Double Unders

50 1-Arm KB Thrusters (53/35)