“Extreme Ownership”

I’m flying through a book I’ve looked forward to reading for weeks now called “Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win.” It’s not a shoot ’em up thriller, but rather a basic application of basic skills in the SEAL Teams to all teams (corporate, small business, etc).

The ruthlessness of the battle field provides exaggerated feedback loops that make learning fast and impactful. For SEALs, failure in leadership means death. Working backwards from there I think there’s much to learn from  extreme scenarios to understand basic principles even when our decisions aren’t life or death ones.

Imagine your life with “extreme ownership,” where you own everything in your world and there is no one else to blame[Willink]. Things get real, very quickly in that headspace.


Logan Gelbrich


12/2/15 WOD

Complete 3 rounds for reps of:


Max Power Clean and Jerks (155/105)

-Rest 2 Min-


Max Front Squats

-Rest 2 min-