Inspiration hits me at the oddest times, but whatever. Hence, the validation for the parallels that I draw in this blog post.

The other night I was getting ready for bed. Part of my, I guess you could call it, ritual is to shower. After a day dealing with the weights and such (and smelling like metal) as my wife likes to remind me. It seems to be long overdue by the time I get there each night. Mind you, I am not a huge grooming fellow, as you can tell by my beard and constantly wearing hats. My goal is low maintenance, and I like to think that I do a pretty good job of staying low on the scale of prep time to get ready to go somewhere, or to get ready for bed.

If any of you have a beard, you will understand what I am about to say. When your chin gets sore under your beard and someone touches it, it’s violently painful. Having a brand new small human in the house pretty much solidified this stance for me. She thoroughly enjoys pulling on my beard, and can’t understand that it hurts papa bear. It is getting pulled, whether I like it or not. The best way I can relate the pain is for those that have pony tails or wear hats, is the similar experience when you keep a hat on all day and your hair hurts.

It is because of this dilemma that I find myself pigeon-holed into using conditioner. I am a giant amateur in this department. Conditioner 101 is probably too difficult a class for me. I am the guy that buys it for smell, with no idea what it contains. If it wasn’t for my wife, I would be hopeless. Sorry for the long intro, on to the point. Conditioner is one of those things that takes time to work. So here I am standing in the shower, a beard full of some voluptuous scent, itching to pull the trigger and wash this stuff out, so I can go to sleep.

Enter: Inspiration. I thought to myself “Just Effing be patient! It is only with time that this will work.” And, I knew that I needed it to work. Brilliant. Just stop getting in my own way and let the thing do the thing. Two minutes later, my chin was pain free, and I was back to a silky smooth man-mane, which smelled glorious.

This is the experience that a lot of people have with fitness. It is with time that it works. Just because you take one class and you get sore, doesn’t mean your an olympian. Give it time, wait, and just relax. Give it time, and you might be surprised what happens with your fitness. A silky smooth man-mane of fitness is right around the corner.


Danny Lesslie


12/1/15 WOD


Pause Back Squat



1, 2, 3, 4, 5..  Muscle Ups

Burpee Box Jumps