Fall Strength Challenge – Chapter 8

There are three days until the finals. Have you been keeping up with your assistance work? Are you prepared for this Saturday?

Physical Activity

Make sure that over the next few days to get your rest. Keep your training light and easy. Focus on technique and mobility. As far as physical efforts go, I would stay away from maximal exertion. Save that for Saturday.

Mental Reps

Mental Reps are huge. I am referring to walking through each of the lifts in your head. Visualize your routine. If you don’t have a routine, let’s get that part figured out. I am literally talking about how you grip the bar, how you approach the bar, how you breathe, where you are looking, how the weight is going to feel, etc. See yourself PR’ing your deadlift. See your self standing up a heavy squat with authority. Make yourself successful in your mind before you ever walk up to the weight. Then, when you get there it’s a repeat performance to you. You have already been there.


Get your rest. Everyone has their own prescription for sleep that works. Make sure that you walk into that room rested on Saturday. If you are expecting to have a maximal day, you need to be ready.


Hydrate yourself. Drink plenty of water over the next few days. To be at your best, you need to be hydrated. Your brain and muscles need water to function. Your body needs water to recover. This is your job.

A Plan

Have an idea in your mind of your jump in weight before you get to your max. Know these weights going into the day so your job on Saturday is to just prepare and lift. There is no need for a mental struggle on this day. Write down your weights if you need. Ask a coach if you are not sure how to approach a max.

See you Saturday!


Danny Lesslie



P.S. Don’t forget to wear a costume! It’s Halloween!

10/28/15 WOD

Complete the following for time:

2K Row

1 Mile Run

1K Row

800m Run

500m Row

400m Run

250m Row

200m Run