Quick Guide to Upgrading Your Membership

When men and women join DEUCE Gym, they can be surprised to hear their coach talking them into training less at sign up time. The idea is that we aren’t interested in being a part of one of the most common mistakes in fitness, which is choosing a course of action that is destine to fail.

Take, for example, the simple idea that working out, like puppies, extra money, and vacation, has generally as positive of a connotation as an idea can get. Well, what happens when you’ve committed to a four day per week training schedule and start to get into the gym only two or three days per week? The feeling is that you’ve made getting to the gym two or three days a week feel like a failure.

We think getting to the gym (especially this gym) two or three times a week is the best thing someone could do for the rest of their life. Why camouflage something so positive as a failure?

Committing to something you can succeed with is key so this doesn’t become the roller coaster ride of unceremonious results that nearly all men and women trying to tackle fitness experience. This is different. This is the end of the road. Furthermore, this story ends well.

Once you’ve demonstrated the ability to show up and get what you came for, there is an argument that more training could be better for you. That means you’ll need to upgrade your membership. Here’s a quick guide to figure out if upgrading is right for you:

  1. Recovery. It’s our body’s ability to recover that houses the fitness changes we’re looking for, so if you aren’t recovering from your training, chances are, more isn’t better. If, though, you’re excited to go to all your classes and your body is ready to add another day, it might be time to upgrade.
  2. Make the Time. Your body might be ready but if your schedule isn’t, you won’t be able to take advantage anyway. Upgrading with the hopes that time will magically clear up isn’t always the best plan. If you’ve got an hour carved out to train, though, the sky is the limit!
  3. Stress is Stress is Stress. Though this has more to do with ‘Number 1’ than you’d imagine, physical and emotional stress are received the same in the body. If your life is generally high stress, recognize that training, too, is a stressor. It can be a good stressor as long as your cup isn’t too full. If training doesn’t overly stress your personality out, it could be time to pump up your membership!

If you’re surprised again that this article wasn’t a giant sales pitch to get people to upgrade their memberships, remember that the best customers we could ever have are the ones that show up and change their lives in mind blowing ways. We are just as uninterested in problems as you are.

Be smart. Upgrade when you can win.


Logan Gelbrich


9/21/15 WOD

12×2 Sumo Stance Box Squats

*Every 45s


Complete the following for time:


Sand Bag Front Squat (AHAP)

Bar Muscle Up