ICU Work

A bright spot in our community has been faced with a swift and potent dose of adversity these last few weeks. Scott Pellegrino is a young, bright spot in the morning GPP classes and the Strength 202 program. His east coast accent laces every sentence of wit and crude honesty with just enough genuine love that you don’t mind that he’s calling you names.

Scott was in a catastrophic motorcycle accident on PCH in which a SUV pulled in front of him. He took the force head on. His passenger was sent flying some thirty-five feet, but was only injured with a broken wrist. Scott, however, absorbed the blow and pancaked into the car.

He has no memory of the event, but he’s broken numerous bones including his back. Days ago he came out of an eight day coma, and I’m happy to report that he will make a full recovery!

A handful of people from the DEUCE family were able to make it over to visit him yesterday. He’s naturally trying to ‘hold the standard’ in intensive care by calculating how many laps around the floor is one mile (his PT thinks he’s a lunatic) and he made it very clear that one of his first stops when he gets out will be to get his DEUCE tattoo touched up.

Keep Scott in your thoughts as his shoulder is scheduled to be operated on today!


Logan Gelbrich


8/19/15 WOD

Complete the following for time:

10, 9, 8… 1
Sandbag Cleans
Clapping Pushups
200’ Sandbag Front Carry