101 Reasons Your 100 Excuses Don’t Work

I want to do an experiment. You all inspire me daily. That’s a fact. Part of what you all do that inspires me is you show up here amongst crazy work/life schedules and responsibilities. In this experiment, I want to hear about what you all juggle to get here each day. I think you all might be able to inspire others, while I can’t.

My life is a joke. I live several hundred feet for the gym and if I don’t have a hot Americano in my hand I’ll push a few times on the skateboard to get here. Plus, I work here. I have no excuses. No one wants to hear that.

You guys, though, are badasses. I remember things like Jun Endo sleeping in his car before class after trekking from Torrance every day to our predecessor, The Fake Gym. You guys find a way to show up when there’s traffic, when you’re sore, and on good days and bad days. Many of you have kids. Some of you don’t have limbs. One of you got an extra job and saved up for five months to join the gym, while attending two schools and had two jobs.

You all aren’t short on reasons to not make it in to the gym. 

Now, while some of you may have excuses, your peers are quickly telling you that you don’t really have excuses. To be more clear, you can have excuses except those excuses cannot be used to redeem health and fitness. Get over it.

You’d be able to guess that some percentage of my reasoning for this experiment is to speak to those that allow for things to impede their ability to exercise. Let’s start with you all, however. I’d like you to write in the comments what crazy schedule you keep and still manage to train.


Logan Gelbrich


3/6/15 WOD

Make 3 attempts at the “T Test”

Then, AMRAP 9
5 Dynamic Push Ups
5 Front Squats (155/105)