Two to Tango

I once had a man walk in the gym pointing at his midsection and ask me, “How much would it cost to make this go away?” Through his broken English, we worked through key details like him not wanting to bulk up his arms or pay too much money, “just lose the fat here” (around his waist).

On another occasion, a man with a small dog walked in and immediately began negotiating a personal training fee to be paid after he lost his desired weight. Of course, we didn’t accomplish much in our conversation, but that’s exactly my point.

Why is it that we are willing to pay large sums of money, we’re willing to drink lemon water and maple syrup for weeks, and we’re really, really good at trying new things? Yet, we aren’t really good at getting fit, strong, healthy, or the goal is. We need to get good at finishing.

The issue here is that it takes two to tango in this thing. You can’t passively show up here and expect a coach to incept you with fitness. You have to participate in this process. Learn about your body. If it doesn’t move well, learn why.  Getting strong doesn’t just happen to you. You do it. You get strong. You get lean. You improve capacity.

No one wants to hear that.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I get it. It’s easier to hear that you can just pay for it or unearth an better way to do things, than not. What I don’t get, however, is how crazy we’re willing to go with the distractions.

Move a heavy bar. Eat real food. Go to sleep. Show up. It works every single time.


Logan Gelbrich



2/26/15 WOD

Find 1RM Back Squat
Complete 8 rounds:

200m Run

**Efforts start every two minutes