The Gym Rat Stereotype Broken

Vain, ego maniacs are the only people that could possibly enjoy the gym that much, right? Well, maybe not. Sure, there are plenty of vain, ego maniacs crowding gym mirrors around the country, but the gym rat stereotype can be broken. In fact, if you’ve spent any time around DEUCE, you’d believe that there was some sort of loophole. It is broken around here.

Why doesn’t it feel like everyone is a cheese ball around here like it does in most gyms?

I once heard a strongman friend of mine rebut a condescending comment from an onlooker who called him an ego driven meathead with a great insight that I’d never heard articulated before. He said, “No, despite the stereotype, ego driven individuals don’t really last long in the strength community. It’s too hard. Most fail, no matter how vain, because there’s too much work.”

That’s it! The weird gym stereotypes all go away once you apply the filter of work. Hard work cleanses even the most hardcore cliche, annoying meatheads. In fact, it sounds like removing the tough training in fitness is the recipe for an environment where men and women make you want to roll your eyes.

Thank goodness we came to work, right?


Logan Gelbrich



12/18/14 WOD

Complete 5 attempts for load of:

1 Power Snatch
1 Snatch
1 Snatch Balance

Then, accumulate:
30 Bar Rollouts (Snatch Grip)


Then, complete the following for reps:

Tabata Squats

8 rounds:

:20 Max Squats

-Rest :10-