“It’s almost Friday..”

As I asked the TSA officer that checked my ID and boarding pass how his day was going he replied somberly, “It’s almost Friday..” It was Thursday. He was completely miserable and checked out.

Amongst my many thoughts in response to this statement was how shocked at how obviously he assumed this fact was when he said it. It was as if he said, “As you know, it’s Thursday and, while it’s close to Friday, it’s not. So, we both know that life is going to suck for at least another 24 hours. How are you? The same probably, right?”

I used to discuss this phenomenon often with what I observed was the rise of sharing such feelings on social media. The idea that we live and only get excited about some sort of countdown. Comments like “23 days until Coachella!” and “Only three more weeks until the next season of Homeland” are rampant in our vocabulary. On one hand there’s this fine line that maybe I’m being Officer Buzz Kill saying we can’t celebrate anything beyond the current moment, but on the other hand I think we’re missing this point if you’re always working for the weekend.

Don’t forfeit so many “Now Moments” for some futuristic justification, people. That’s too basic for you. If you find yourself speaking in this way, it sounds like some changes are to be made in your everyday lifestyle.




Logan Gelbrich


11/3/14 WOD

Even: 8 DB Step Ups
Odd: 3 Weighted Pull Ups


In 8 minutes, complete the following for reps:
800m Run
Max Double KB Clean and Presses (53/35)