Motivated by “Too Late?”

You know how they say that if you wait until you’re thirsty to drink water that it’s “too late” because you’re already dehydrated? The same is true with this fitness stuff. As a matter of fact, it’s this mind set that speaks to the roller coaster ride of the peaks and valleys associated with getting motivated, falling off the wagon, and getting re-motivated.

I mean, how much harder is it to get fit when you’re not just out of shape, but you’re really out of shape? Why do we wait until it’s a problem to take action with things?

If you’re waiting for signals of any kind in your life, it’s going to be “too late” for you over and over again. For fitness, this experience often looks like finally feeling so sluggish and so out of shape that the message becomes clear: “I need to start training.”

With weight loss and body composition, the case often includes a gradual digression until one day there is a noticeable distaste with what one sees in the mirror. “I need to lose weight.”

The examples can go on and on, even beyond fitness. Consider, few addicts go to rehab after an anticlimactic Tuesday. It’s often the red flags of a significant low point that drive us to take action. How many times have you only cleaned your room after your realize it’s disgustingly cluttered? I know that’s often my (unofficial) strategy.

This behavior is reactionary. It’s weak. It sets us up for a considerable amount of failure, too. Take a step back and do some bigger thinking. If you’re waiting around to let yourself feel bad enough to take notice or to feel out of shape enough to get fit, then it sounds like you’ll be playing defense throughout your life.

Grab the ball. Play offense for a change. Plus, it’s more fun that way.


Logan Gelbrich




7/2/14 WOD

Spend 10 min on:
Forward Rolls
Handstand Forward Rolls
Back Rolls

Bar Muscle Ups
Snatches (135/95)