What Gives?

When things get dicey, what are the first things that you’re willing to give up? Is it your sleep? Your workout? Your meals?

You know what I mean. When life tosses you a couple back to back appointments, jury duty, an unexpected car repair, or family in town something has got to give, right?

Well, why is it that the first things on the chopping block are those things that are often so close and important to ourselves, for ourselves.

Don’t forget that you, your time, and your needs are sacred. After all, if the first thing to go when stuff hits the fan are essential to your health and well being, you’re setting yourself up to draw the short end of the stick all too often.


Logan Gelbrich




6/6/14 WOD

Back Squat

Complete 7 rounds for time:

7 Pullups
7 Wallballs (20/14)
7 Burpee to Plate