[VIDEO] What is DEUCE Racing?

If we had a competition team that traveled around competing in fitness competitions, it’d be a good for the representation of both what we train for and our level of performance. If we had a group that was much larger that competed in anything and everything that our students were involved in, however, it’d be the PERFECT representation of what we train for and raise our level of performance.

You see, 99% of people that are rooted in our program aren’t here to compete in fitness, and we’d like to think that they are rightfully so. This doesn’t change the fact that the lessons, experiences, and accountability of supporting tip-of-the-spear performances and competition is critical to forward progress. We, too, have a competition team. deuce_Racing_logo_final_ottls

DEUCE Racing is more of a pun than a team that  just “races.” It’s an umbrella which houses the men and women of the program that train here and choose to go out into the community and put their name on the line.

When you see the DEUCE Racing “R” you’re seeing a representative of the ethos of this facility. You’re seeing someone that’s choosing to risk a little. These folks are interested in their potential. They are willing to fail in pursuit of victory. And, their training at DEUCE Gym is a part of their physical and mental preparation for their craft.

DEUCE Racing Team members compete in ballet, Top Chef, trail racing, barista challenges, skateboarding, Major League Baseball, and the list goes on and on.

Keep an eye out for the official tshirt of DEUCE Racing. It can’t be purchased, of course. It can be earned, though. All you need to do is COMPETE!


Logan Gelbrich




6/5/14 WOD

Spend 15 min on Stones

6 Ring Dips
3 Hang Power Cleans

8 Jump Squats
8 KB Push Press