The Moment

There are times in life when time seems to slow more or less to a halt, and in this moment is your opportunity to engage, experience, and feel, or you can just let it pass. I had one of these the other day, and I was absolutely floored. I was coaching 4:30 class on a Tuesday, we were amidst some barbellery in a fairly large evening class and Logan was outside conducting an orchestra of strongman feats. I looked around, and it felt as if I was watching a movie. One of those landscape scenes on the National Geographic Channel taken from only the vantage point of a helicopter with a very expensive camera. I was in that moment. And I have to tell you it was nothing short of extraordinary. The gratitude I felt in this moment was staggering.

Not that long ago, there were many days that we would cart equipment out to a beautiful park twice a day and hope people would show up. Hell, we would pretty much beg people to show up. Now we have a place of our own, and it feels like a dream. If you were to tell me, this moment would have happened two years ago, I probably would have laughed. Well, I am laughing today and all of you are the reason. Thank you for making this place special and what it is. We have this little oasis dropped right in the middle of Venice.

These moments I believe come about all the time. These are the ones that we need to seek out, and hold on to. Has anyone had any of these recently? Reply in the comments.


Danny Lesslie


5/13/14 WOD

Complete the following for time:
Box Jumps (24/20)
Power Snatch (135/95)